Press Release – January 2016


Scorguie’s Ewan Hearns concluded 2015 with a dazzling return to form by winning 3 consecutive trophies, astounding the Scottish squash world. The 18-year-old, now studying at Strathclyde University, won the Highland Junior Open, the Edinburgh Sports Club 50/50 Tournament, and then – with Inverness’ talented Ross Henderson – the Scottish Junior Open Doubles at Scotstoun to reclaim a place at the top of the national rankings as 2016 dawned.

Singles wins over Patrick O’Sullivan, Pietro Gagliardini, Angus MacPherson and Mark Coyle in recent weeks have really set the cat amongst the pigeons for the country’s national selectors. And that Ewan and Ross gained final victory in Scotstoun over fancied pair Richard Hollins and Nathan Sharp really has put down a marker for the New Year. Not 19 until next summer, Ewan can now target the National Junior Championships in Edinburgh in February with some confidence. But, as a player not currently within the national training squads, Ewan’s form really sets a poser for Scottish Squash, with its new leadership and management – who are, theoretically, not allowed to select for national teams anyone outside the ‘system’. With the European Under-19 Team Championships taking place in Switzerland in March, could heads be banged together and the Inverness boy – clearly one of the country’s top talents – find a place in national colours?


Updated PDG Helicopters/ HISA Regional League tables below, showing the continuing surge of Nairn A in the top Division, but the strength of Acorn Signs shows them to be dark horses for the title, currently held by their predecessors Mac Signs.

In Division 1, Elgin A and Forres B have taken points off each other, but will have to maintain key players’ fitness and availability – to see off the growing challenges from Pick Everard, Gordonstoun A and even Strathnairn Homes.

Even Division 2 is becoming a tight and competitive one, as Tastebuds – without Doug Walmsley and Hugh Richardson – faltered at Christmas, losing to closest rivals Rosskeen Engineering, led by Ralph Smith and Grant MacKay.

Tables attached, showing MVPs (Most Valuable Players). For full details of League results and fixtures, please go to

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Premier Division Team Points MVP
1 Nairn A 64 Garry McKay (P8, W8), Alan Paton (P8, W4)
2 Acorn Signs Inverness 59 Ewen Urquhart (P6, W5), Alasdair Prott (P5, W5)
3 Forres A 53 David Taylor (P5, W4)
4 Jamie Tulloch Health & Fitness Inverness 49 Iain Maltman (P8, W5)
5 Software-123 48 Dan Jenkins (P8, W5)
Division 1 Team Points MVP
1 JRM Elgin A 112 Sean Smith (P6, W6), David Williams (P7, W6), Stevie McClue (P11, W9)
2 Forres B 105 Billy Montgomery (P8,W7), Robbie Watson (P11, W9)
3 Pick Everard 92 Stuart Black (P5, W4), Coinneach Malcolm (P10, W7)
4 Gordonstoun A 76 John Georgeson (P11, W10)
5 Strathnairn Homes 75 Rory Fredriksson (P9, W7), David Mustarde (P5, W4)
6 Nairn B 62 Harry Jack (P10, W5)
7 Nairn C 58 Roger Milton (P10, W5), Paul MacDonald (P11, W4)
8 Buckpool 41 Alfie Morrison (P6, W3), Colin Forbes (P7, W3)
Division 2 Team Points MVP
1 Tastebuds 107 Ross Linn (P8, W8), Mark Kynoch (P8, W7)
2 Rosskeen Engineering 89 Grant MacKay (P10, W8)
3 Gordonstoun B 73 Marc Kimmich (P5, W4)
4 Geriatrics Elgin C 82 Grant Campbell (P5, W4)
5 JRM Elgin B 62 David Williams, Calum Clarke (P2, W2)
6 Gordonstoun C 25 Ishaq Raheel (P4, W2)