League Cup

The HISA League Cup competition is a new event on the calendar for the 2015/16 season. The competition will run after Christmas during weekends, at various locations with the Highlands, particularly at Clubs that decide to enter teams. The aim of the League Cup is to reach out to Clubs that currently do not compete in the Thursday night PDG Helicopters Regional League due to distance but will also include those Clubs that do currently compete in that league.

The aim would be to run an ‘A’ and ‘B’ competition in a monrad format (meaning that teams will play through for a place). There would be 8 teams, with 4 players in a team, in each group, meaning there would be quarter-finals, semi-finals and a final in each event. If there is high numbers we would also look to bring in ‘C’, ‘D’ etc events to allow for all standards.

Events would be graded so that teams of similar standard are grouped together giving players matches of a similar ability.

The organisation of teams would be up to the Clubs to decide. For some Clubs this may be the same as their team entered into the regional league or could be different.

For further information on this event please contact Allan McKay. His e-mail address can be found be clicking here.

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2015/16 HISA League Cup

All the information for the 2015/16 HISA League Cup competition can be found below.